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It was beautiful on Saturday, in Schönenberg.
Many thanks to the organizers and the great audience!
We are looking forward to the year 2018.


We start again , and look forward to the 3. Christophorus-Fahrt in Schönenberg on 21 May at 18:30 (on stage in front of the City Hall), and a week later you can see and hear us directly again on the See You Again Festival in Wüstenhof ( Wipperfürth )


Rockabilly its finest

- now with saxophone . We look forward to strengthening our band, and be able to present to you on saxophone Philipp Schulze .


CHRISTINE travels to an away game!
For our hosts, however, it is THE HOME GAME. 

We appreciate the invitation of Kärbholz to your festival on August 2.
Rock'n 'Roll meets German Rock!


And it goes on lovely rock'n'roll community, 
on 09/06/2014 by 19 clock we play as a musical geek on the Wake-Up Festival in Linkenbach.
And all this even for a good cause. Save the Date and carry out the Rockabilly with us into the world.


Thank you Schoenenberg!
With great weather we had yesterday rock the stage of Christophorus Fahrt!
You have danced, laughed and sang along and for that we are at getting back on stage!

Now we applaud you!
Until next concert


The winter breakk was long enough.  First dates are online, and others will follow. \,,/(-_-)\,,/


Seelscheid rocked, and not too tight! Thanks for the great atmosphere in the Reiterklause!


Thanks to the large audience in Wissen, and here about our next gig


Our next public appearance takes place at the 01.09.2013 at the music & shopping 2013 in downtown of Wissen.Just stroll through the city, you will already hear us!
We look forward to you.


Munich likes Rockabilly!

Our first gig in new lineup led us to the cosmopolitan city with heart. 
It was a wonderful evening.


The new lineup is confirmed.

Marco, our bandleader takes the upright bass to the front, and Flo(rian) Gräber is our new guy on the guitar.


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